About Me

About JoeHello everyone my name is Joe and I love (sometimes hate, I can’t lie) dreadlocks.  I’ve had my babies almost 5 years and man it’s been a journey.  If anyone with dreadlocks is reading this you DEFINITELY understand the journey.

I created this site because I’ve always been fascinated by people with dreadlocks … I’ve even used a term “dreadlock brothers” to refer to folks I’ve just met with dreadlocks.  I’m a true believer of art and that can’t exist without expression.  And with expression comes my favorite – STYLE! 

I am here to bring style, specifically dreadlock styles right to your front door.  I want to not only showcase the art of dreadlocks, but also the personalities that follow the style.  Dreadlocks come in all shapes and sizes and that is a beautiful thing.  I believe this site can be beneficial to both men and women so enjoy all the goodness.  Please engage, comment, email or whatever means you seem fit about anything you see on this site. I would embrace the feedback with open arms.

Now just a Tid Bit about ME …

I started growing my dreads towards the end of 2011 (man that seems like ages ago) with the mindset of … well I’ve tried every other hairstyle possible … except dreads! I promise you I had no IDEA what I was getting into – none.

I had grown out my hair for a good 6 to 7 months before I started the dread process because I didn’t want a bunch of nubs on top of my head.  TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT … 

The five years that has since passed, my life has not only changed drastically but also dramatically.  Here are some highlights:

  • Took an IT job in Afghanistan
  • Traveled all over the place … Bahrain, Thailand, Brazil (just to name a few)
  • Met a beauituful Filipina while living in Kuwait
  • We have a daughter  :)
  • Now currently residing full time in a foreign country

I can’t definitively say my locks are the cause but they have become a part of me in a unique way.

As I always say dreadlocks aren’t NECESSARILY A STYLE, BUT A LIFESTYLE.



Founder of DreadLock Styles