Do Women like Men with Dreadlocks

do women like men with dreadlocks

As men we are always trying to figure out what women like.  What aspect of men do women notice first? There could be a million things that fall in that category – I think hair floats among the top.  As a website dedicated to all things dreadlocks, I thought it most fitting to ask the question: “Do Women like Men with Dreadlocks?”.  It is a question which I thought had a slam dunk answer …  YES.

I had initially planned to write this article detailing all the many reasons why women love men with dreadlocks.  I mean they’re dreadlocks and who doesn’t love them right …. Uhhhh well …. it appears as though women aren’t as fond of dreadlocks as I imagined.  Bummer (don’t worry, there is hope :))

The Poll Question

I decided to take a poll of 300 women using Google Consumer Surveys only in the United States (sorry world).  Now, 300 people doesn’t speak for all women-kind but it can give us an idea of how a poll of this nature may fair with a larger pool.  So the question was:

Are you Attracted to Men with Dreadlocks?

I would date someone with dreadlocks

I would never date someone with dreadlocks

It depends on the style of dreadlocks

I didn’t want to give only a yes or no so I added the third option of ‘it depends on the style’.  So I fired this bad boy out there and the results were shocking to me — a dreadlock enthusiast (maybe not so much to everybody else).

The Results

Out of 300 women polled and to my dismay – 56% answered they would never date someone with dreadlocks.  Only 14.6% said they would.  Did I say there was hope for the many dreadlock wearers …? Well the hope is that 26.5% answered it depends on the style.  So if you add the ‘yes’ and ‘depends on style’ you get about 41%.  do women like men with dreadlocks

As the numbers were piling in I couldn’t believe so many women answered they would NEVER date someone with dreadlocks.  I then delved deeper in the numbers and found some elements of interest.  Of the 173 women who answered no to dreadlocks, 76.2% were over the age of 65 and less than half of the 173 were between 18-24 .

do women like men with dreadlocks

On the bright side, this tells me a large chunk of women would never date a man with dreadlocks are Senior Citizens.  Basically don’t expect to find a bride to be if you have dreadlocks and she is cashing a Social Security check.

This next piece of data may be on the darker side when you zero in on the inferred income.  Of the women who said no – 75% of them make pretty nice bank with a tune of 100k – 149k.  Around half of the no women make less than 25k.

do women like men with dreadlocks

Unfortunately for us dreadlock wearers of the 45 women who would date us, 0% make above 100k and only 12% make between 75k and 100k.

do women like men with dreadlocks


So when you start to look at the numbers and perform a breakdown, it becomes pretty simple.  If you’re old and make a lot of money, chances are that person either doesn’t have dreadlocks or won’t date someone with dreadlocks.  Surprised? When you put it like that – not so much.

The most interesting and inspiring point to this very small poll is that style matters.  82 women answered that it depends on the style and 60% of those women make between 50 and 80k.  Also if you factor in the age,  the numbers say if you’re between 18 and 34 and make good money you would date a man with dreadlocks depending on the style!

You know what that means fellas … get those dreads fresh, get them re-twisted, keep them looking nice and you won’t have much to worry about with the ladies.

Continue to check back for more styles and pictures ….

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6 thoughts on “Do Women like Men with Dreadlocks”

  • Hi Joe, I am at an age where my hair, the remains of it, is not a factor anymore. I must say thought that this article and its survey are quite unique in the world. What I am also interested in is the reasons why 56% would never date somebody with dreadlocks. Is it just a certain image they have and if so, is this the correct image? If you would know this then maybe you could do something about it?

    • Hello Jerry. I believe you have some good insight and questions about women not liking men with dreadlocks. I think there are a lot of reasons why women would never date someone with dreadlocks. The most important reason is the association of dreadlocks with negative stereotypes.

      Whenever people see someone with dreadlocks no matter what ethnicity, they will have an opinion about them. From a women’s point of view it seems to be negative more than positive. I find this negative association to be mostly wrong.

      Can I change it? Well this website could be a start but mostly just the continuous interaction of human cultures across the globe. Things that are different are always feared at first. So just like a wound, all things heal in time.

  • Hi here. Hm, it is an confusing topic. I can find many questions regarding your topic because this hair style does not define the person, does it?
    I would like ask about this type of hairstyle. I read that Vikings liked to wear hair in this fashion. Maybe it was convenient to fight when hair is not loose?
    I wonder how about washing them? It can be a balloney from my side but I hear that people who have dreadlocks they do not wash hair at all till it is cut. It is true?
    I wonder that kind of reason was to make survey about who is going to date guys with dreadlocks?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your findings, all the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    • Hello and thanks for your feedback.  Your questions are reasonable and I’m not sure if I can answer them all. I don’t think a hairstyle can fully define someone, but don’t first impressions mean anything?  I think people wear certain hairstyles for a reason, it’s a form of expression. 

      Honestly don’t know anything about vikings and what type of hairstyles they might have worn.  I would imagine no hair at all would be best for fighting.

      About the wash … I will point you to another article about that – Washing Dreads.  Basically that is really up to the person.  If someone decided not to wash their hair no matter the style to me, is pretty insane.  However washing dreads is a pain in the ass!  

      I wrote the article because I was interested in what people may or may not be attracted to.  People who visit my site might find that information interesting.  

  • I hate dreadlocks because they look dirty and they are a real turnoff. I would not date anyone with dreads. I don’t understand why a person would want those creepy things hanging off their head all the time. Makes me want to get a pair of clippers and shave their heads and wash their remaining hair.

    • First, my apologies for the late feedback. Further I truly appreciate your feedback and believe you’re entitled to that opinion. It is honestly why I did this poll because getting to the bottom of the question is important. Dreadlocks are not everyone’s cup of tea and it should be respected. But maybe you should check out the origins of dreadlocks to get a better understanding as why someone might want “those creepy things” on their head. But please don’t sporadically cut someone dreads off haha!! Thanks for checking our site and may you never end of with anyone having dreadlocks!


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