Don’t Quit

Anybody who currently has dreadlocks or had them understands the commitment and journey of growing kid pinsand maintaining dreadlocks. I’m going on five years and there still are moments when I feel like cutting each dread piece by piece!

I know you want to and there is nothing wrong with this feeling. You just need some encouragement to continue the fight. Maybe fight isn’t the best word … how about continue the tedious procedure to get those lovely and wonderful locks you’ve always wanted :)

With dreadlocks comes a story, an adventure and most importantly a journey.  These stories and journeys fascinate me to no end.  I want to tell as many of them as I can – from the horse’s mouth themselves!

So stay tuned and check back in for these incredible stories from people with dreadlocks.  Hopefully these encounters will inspire your dreadlock journey and if you feel the need, you can share the journey with the community.