Pictures of Men with Dreadlocks

pictures of men with dreadlocks

I always get emails of people searching and scouring the internet for pictures of men with dreadlocks.  Well look no further because I’ve put together a mini gallery of images for your pleasure.  Dreadlocks come in all shapes and sizes along with different types of people, cultures and ethnicity.

I’m not a big fan of this mantra that certain people can’t wear dreadlocks.  I don’t believe it right to tell someone what style they can and cannot execute.   The dreadlock hairstyle has become a popular trend in the fashion industry.

Several men and women nowadays sport the dreadlock style inspired by their favorite page three celebrities or any sports personality. So check out the images, get some ideas, become inspired and respect the uniqueness that comes in the world of dreadlocks.

Long Dreadlocks

Ahhh long dreadlocks! This is what we all strive to achieve when starting those precious locs.  You want them long and full – because at this point you can begin to achieve different dreadlock styles.  You can do things like braids, beads, ponytail, half-tail … and the list goes on and on! Don’t worry, if you don’t GIVE UP you will get those long and beautiful dreadlocks you’ve always wanted.

Rasta Style

This dreadlock style is a fan favorite.  It isn’t so much a fan favorite because they look clean, neat and fresh. It’s actually more of the opposite.  Dreadlock purist believe you shouldn’t put so much effort and thought into your dreadlocks, and because most of the purist are Rastafarian it seems fitting to coin the phrase ‘Rasta’ for this style. I characterize Rasta style as dreadlocks that are very thick, usually long and there’s always a section that doesn’t seem to be dreaded or locked.


The Bohemaian  Way

With this style, you don’t dreadlock all of your hair while leaving some locks loose and uncombed. The rest of the hair is backcombed and braided. This gives you a typical carefree Bohemian look with a combination of wavy and dreaded hair.

Some call ’em Baby Dreadlocks

This style is sometimes, depending on the tone, considered to be an insult.  I remember when I was first growing my dreadlocks people with longer locs used to always say “check out these baby dreads!”.  I used to hate it and couldn’t wait until I got the longer more typical dreadlock look.

Now that I’m going on five years, I understand where they were coming from.  It really takes a lot of work to grow dreads and most people don’t  make it past the first year. So the veteran dreadlock folk love to knit pic on the cats who are trying to get there dreadlocks long and healthy.  But there is no reason not to be stylish in the process!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and please don’t hesitate to drop a comment about a particular style or any other thoughts about this post. Thanks.

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