dreadlock hairstyles for black women

As always I get request for different dreadlock styles.  Shortly after my post for white women I started getting more and more emails, more request for dreadlock hairstyles for black women.

It’s generally pleasant to see some beautiful ladies with dreadlocks particularly when they are styled up right and exclusively showcased by shading/color and/or length.  If you are having fears or need inspiration, this article of dreadlock hairstyles for black women ought to serve as some genuine motivation.

Straight Down – Hanging Free

A classic style for women because they love to let their hair down.  And, who says you can’t do that with dreadlocks. These black women are letting their dreadlocks hang freely in style.

The Short Look

Who says you can’t be stylish with short dreadlocks ..? Well if you did, these short styles will change your mind. This is the beautiful thing about dreadlocks is that whether they are short or long there can be something unique about how you wear them.

The Infamous Bun

This is a personal favorite because I see women creating hair buns in so many different ways.  When your locs get longer, styling them in a bun is a great way to secure them in a neat and sleek fashion.

Other Thoughts …

Dreadlocks is a natural journey.  There is an expectation you don’t have as many opportunities to play with weaves, augmentations and all other different hairdos. But this simply isn’t true.  Some folks will undoubtedly feel adhered to wearing the same style each time – but never fear … as said before, this post if for you!

Again, be inspired, be unique and don’t hesitate to leave any feedback on any style you may like or dislike.



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