do women like men with dreadlocks

As men we are always trying to figure out what women like.  What aspect of men do women notice first? There could be a million things that fall in that category – I think hair floats among the top.  As a website dedicated to all things dreadlocks, I thought it most fitting to ask the question: “Do Women like Men with Dreadlocks?”.  It is a question which I thought had a slam dunk answer …  YES.

I had initially planned to write this article detailing all the many reasons why women love men with dreadlocks.  I mean they’re dreadlocks and who doesn’t love them right …. Uhhhh well …. it appears as though women aren’t as fond of dreadlocks as I imagined.  Bummer (don’t worry, there is hope :))

The Poll Question

I decided to take a poll of 300 women using Google Consumer Surveys only in the United States (sorry world).  Now, 300 people doesn’t speak for all women-kind but it can give us an idea of how a poll of this nature may fair with a larger pool.  So the question was:

Are you Attracted to Men with Dreadlocks?

I would date someone with dreadlocks

I would never date someone with dreadlocks

It depends on the style of dreadlocks

I didn’t want to give only a yes or no so I added the third option of ‘it depends on the style’.  So I fired this bad boy out there and the results were shocking to me — a dreadlock enthusiast (maybe not so much to everybody else).

The Results

Out of 300 women polled and to my dismay – 56% answered they would never date someone with dreadlocks.  Only 14.6% said they would.  Did I say there was hope for the many dreadlock wearers …? Well the hope is that 26.5% answered it depends on the style.  So if you add the ‘yes’ and ‘depends on style’ you get about 41%.  do women like men with dreadlocks

As the numbers were piling in I couldn’t believe so many women answered they would NEVER date someone with dreadlocks.  I then delved deeper in the numbers and found some elements of interest.  Of the 173 women who answered no to dreadlocks, 76.2% were over the age of 65 and less than half of the 173 were between 18-24 .

do women like men with dreadlocks

On the bright side, this tells me a large chunk of women would never date a man with dreadlocks are Senior Citizens.  Basically don’t expect to find a bride to be if you have dreadlocks and she is cashing a Social Security check.

This next piece of data may be on the darker side when you zero in on the inferred income.  Of the women who said no – 75% of them make pretty nice bank with a tune of 100k – 149k.  Around half of the no women make less than 25k.

do women like men with dreadlocks

Unfortunately for us dreadlock wearers of the 45 women who would date us, 0% make above 100k and only 12% make between 75k and 100k.

do women like men with dreadlocks


So when you start to look at the numbers and perform a breakdown, it becomes pretty simple.  If you’re old and make a lot of money, chances are that person either doesn’t have dreadlocks or won’t date someone with dreadlocks.  Surprised? When you put it like that – not so much.

The most interesting and inspiring point to this very small poll is that style matters.  82 women answered that it depends on the style and 60% of those women make between 50 and 80k.  Also if you factor in the age,  the numbers say if you’re between 18 and 34 and make good money you would date a man with dreadlocks depending on the style!

You know what that means fellas … get those dreads fresh, get them re-twisted, keep them looking nice and you won’t have much to worry about with the ladies.

Continue to check back for more styles and pictures ….

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