dreadlock hairstyles for white women

Ever run out of ideas to style those precious dreadlocks.  I know you do because it’s only natural to hit a rut. But, don’t worry because I’ve compiled a gallery of wonderful dreadlock hairstyles for white women.  All kinds of different people are wearing dreadlocks and that can’t be overlooked.  With all different people come all kinds of different personalities which results in different hairstyles.

Straight Down – Hanging Free

Here is a common style for women with dreadlocks because let’s face it – even women without dreadlocks love to wear their hair down.  So having dreadlocks for women doesn’t change that concept.  The big difference between having your hair down with dreadlocks is the extra maintenance.

Dreadlocked hair is more frizzy (especially for white women) which can sometimes make it more difficult to wear them down and hanging free.  Here are some examples of white women with dreadlocks just letting their locs hang free.

Although each women is wearing their dreadlocks down and freely hanging, you can also see the diversity with each photo.  There are as many ways to style your dreadlocks within the simple action of wearing them down.

Shaved/Trimmed Sides – Rock On!

This dreadlock hairstyle is one of my personal favorites for women.  One might call it the Rihanna of dreadlocks because the style reminds me of her hair when she rocked the shaved sides.  This is a very risky hairstyle because it requires women to shave their hair. This is something women don’t usually sign up for … but if done properly the results are amazing beautiful.

These styles are what I like to call head-turners – and not in a negative way.  I say rock on because style can imply a women who likes to have fun.  A women who isn’t concerned with the status quo and just simply does what she feels is right and most sexy!

Pulled Back

This is a classic way to style your dreadlocks.  It isn’t quite a full ponytail, but there is a lot of resemblance.  This is a very neat and clean way to wear your dreadlocks.

Unique Dreadlock Hairstyles

These styles are the ones that are hard to fit into a particular category. I’m a huge fan of these styles personally because that push the dreadlock hairstyle envelope.  And pushing the envelope is the only way that creative ideas are born.  So it’s really a thanks to the dreadlock community that these personalities exist and we should do nothing but appreciate.

Inspiration is Key …

There are many, many more types of dreadlock hairstyles as I’ve only scratched the surface.  As a dreadlock enthusiast I find it right to only inspire future dreadlock wearers.  As stated before with so many personalities choosing to wear dreadlocks, the hairstyle creative door keeps getting wider and wider.  So please feel free to chime in and leave feedback about any other styles you personally love or some that maybe you just can’t stand.

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