best dreadlock products list

The most important aspect of having and attaining dreadlocks is hair products. There are so many hair products that are geared toward different hair types, hair styles and many other categories.  However, dreadlocks are a different beast … we’re a different animal! We need special care and sometimes special treatment.  Having the best dreadlock products list will be beneficial to your loc success.

Remember this is a journey and no journey is complete without successful tools.  Our tools are products that work best with dreadlocks.  I’ve put together 10 of most popular and useful hair products specifically for dreadlocks.  So let’s get started.

*** These appear in no specific order ***


best dreadlock products listDread Shampoo by Knotty Boy

Made from natural ingredients, the Knotty Boy Dread Shampoo is designed for use on natural hair, dreaded hair as well as synthetic dreadlocks. It contains Rosemary, Hemp, Tea tree ,Essential oils and other ingredients that give it natural antibacterial and germicidal properties that help fight dandruff, germs, dry and itchy scalps. The shampoo is available in a 470ml/16oz squeezable bottle.

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