professional dreadlock styles for men

These days more and more men with dreadlocks are feeling confident about wearing them within a professional setting.  I get questions and emails a lot about professional dreadlock styles for men.

In this current generation and landscape dreadlocks has become a feature hairstyle specifically for men.  This new trend has become so popular that offices, which did not allow this hairstyle previously have now somewhat adapted.  However there still may include some strict measures which incorporate wearing them professionally and in a formal manner.

In this article/post, I will present different styles that may or may not work in an office setting – it really depends on your situation and work environment.  However, if done properly I believe these styles can be presentable and office fashionable. Let’s take a look …

Dreadlock Ponytail

The ponytail is the most classic way to style your dreadlocks – especially if your locs are long enough.  Once your dreadlocks become a certain length, one of the first things folks do is tie them into a ponytail.  Not only is this a convenient way to keep your locs away from your eyes and out of the way, but it’s a clean and neat style for a professional setting.

As you can see these ponytail styles are a clean and neat appearance for any office or professional setting.  The great thing is it’s probable the easiest dreadlock style one can implement. The only problem is for those folks who haven’t grown their dreadlocks long enough – but don’t worry there are other things one can do.

Let ’em Hang – Straight Down Look

Here is another great style that people with dreadlocks wish they could sport more often.  The problem lies with a couple situations.  The first is how annoying your dreadlocks are when they are hanging free?  If someone has a lot of individual locs, wearing this style can be tough.

The most irritating thing is having your locs consonantly in your face or even worse – your food! But this doesn’t mean you can’t let them free from time to time because sometimes you just want to show those bad boys off.

If done properly you can rock your locs freely and let them hang loose.  Just remember when you let your locs straight down, they become more noticeable.  This is the main reason why we wear them down and free is because we want to show them off, but it may not be the attention we want in a professional setting. I say proceed with caution in the office.

Afro – Short Dreadlocks

This is one of the hardest stages in attaining long luscious dreadlocks.  It’s getting past the short/Afro phase of the growing process.  I remember within the first year of growing my locs that whenever I did an athletic activity (mainly playing basketball) afterwards my dreadlocks looked like one big afro.  It can be really difficult to keep your young locs looking fresh all the time.

But as I said before don’t worry because you can still look ‘professional’ even with short dreadlocks.  With most things, it is all about presentation … presentation is representation.  So if you present your short/Afro style locs properly then they can represent the office look desired.

Misc – Other Professional Styles

Here are a couple more professional styles that achieve the desired look when going to work or being in the office.

  • Braided – This is similar to the ponytail except the front part is braided instead of just pulled back.  A wonderful sleek look that is presentable and fashionable.
  • The Bun – This is another style that keeps your dreadlocks in place.  I would only suggest this hairstyle for people who have a massive amount of locs and need a presentable method to keep them in place.

In Conclusion

It may be true that all men may not look good or very professional with dreadlocks as a hairstyle.  Folks may say it depends on the shape of the head and report on other factors of why dreadlocks aren’t professional. Alternative views depict having dreadlocks are predicated on whether you have money.

Dreadlocks can be high maintenance and having them is a long process.  It can require a lot of finances in order to maintain them efficiently by going for repair once or twice in a month. There may be many other reasons, but to me all that doesn’t matter.  The question you must ask yourself is “How do I feel?” Basically, if you feel comfortable and you feel professional all other obstacles will be easily overcome.

Let us know what you think about dreadlocks being professional or not.  Your feedback and opinions are always welcome and appreciated.

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